Our Services

The ODYSSEY Group delivers comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services in line with those offered by traditional investment advisors. What distinguishes the firm from others is its supplemental offering to business owners, if desired, of ongoing management advisory services that extend beyond investment advising alone.

Given that their businesses usually are both their primary sources of income and the principal assets in their estates, the family fortunes of entrepreneurs are tied to the effective direction of their enterprises, in addition to the careful investing of their financial assets. When appropriate, ODYSSEY utilizes a network of co-advisors, including lawyers, CPAs and management consultants, who possess substantive experience addressing the distinctive strategic and operational challenges that confront small and mid-sized emerging enterprises. ODYSSEY’s management advisors provide entrepreneur clients with broadened perspectives on best practices drawn from varied product and service operations.

For business owners, including partners, who elect the option, The ODYSSEY Group’s distinctive integration of personal financial planning with ongoing management advisory services has delivered valuable tangible results. For example, ODYSSEY’s ongoing management advisory clients have been focused upon implementing more timely and useful financial reporting for improved operations analysis. Increased sales and gross margins generally have been experienced. Enhanced business values have yielded substantial capital gains for clients who have sold their enterprises. Business mergers, including one, by chance, between two ODYSSEY clients, have been facilitated. The bottom line result has been the generation of incrementally greater financial assets for personal investment.

Whether you are a business owner, past business owner, on-the-go executive and entrepreneur, or someone concerned about their financial future, The ODYSSEY Group looks forward to assessing your current financial circumstances, and to assisting the construction and implementation of a comprehensive financial plan that leads to fulfillment of your financial goals and objectives.